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eProtS: Encyclopedia of Protein Structures

The eProtS, Encyclopedia of Protein Structure, is a dictionary with pictures of the protein three-dimensional structures, for understanding the tertiary structures and the biological functions for several selected protein molecules that are particularly important for biology. This Web site can be prepared for non-specialists of protein structures. When the moleculargraphics software, PDBjViewer, is available in your hardware system, you may be able to manipulate the protein molecules on the display interactively by mouse.(IE 5.0(or later) or NN 6.0(or later) are recommended.)

Table of Contents

Introduction to Proteins

Explains proteins in general.

Introduction to Protein Structures

Explains why protein structures matter.

Protein List

A simple list of proteins explained in eProtS.

Classification by Original eProtS

A conventional (functional) classification of eProtS protein entries according to the original (old version) eProtS.

Classification by Biological Functions

Another classification of eProtS protein entries, according to cellular functions.

Classification by Biochemical Functions

Yet another classification of eProtS protein entries, according to biochemical functions.



Editing and/or Adding Entries

If you are a structural biologist, please contribute! Pick up your favorite protein and describe it in an accessible language.